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What are time categories?

Time categories are designed to segment your work in a way that will make billing customers more easier accross your business processes. You may use time categories when you want to bill customers using different hourly rates based on the type of services delivered. Also, you can easily track non-billable time for your employees.

When should I use customer projects?

Adding projects to your customers may help you isolate time spent accross different teams or accross different kind of services for the same customer. Using reports you'll be able to clearly identify time spent for each project.

Can I export my customer list?

You can easily export your customers using a generic format (CSV) and import them in any other tool your business is using. Paid accounts may aslo setup webhooks to export customers automatically.

Can I export my timesheet data?

Paid accounts may use webhooks to export timesheets details in CSV or JSON format. You may then use these extracts in Excel or any other tool of your choice. Webhooks endpoints can also be used to integrate your data with other systems.

How should I combine invoicing with

In order to avoid forgetting to invoice your customers, you should define a process where you'll reconcile time spent with invoices sent. This process may be executed weekly or monthly depending on your needs.

For example, you may choose to ask employees to send their timesheets on every friday. Then, each monday, you'll generate the detailled report for the last week and use this to prepare your invoices.

Some may prefer to send invoices as services are delivered through the month. Then, at the end of each month you may reconcile invoices sent with the timesheets of all employees.