Our product is built for professional services, with a special attention to SMBs. We offer a simple and easy to use solution to help your business track time efficiently.
Time tracking features will give you the flexibility you need to match your invoicing process.

Lawyers & Attorneys

You may segment your time across time categories and use customers to create a simple way to track each of your case. TimeTracker.pro allows you to log relevant notes in your timesheets, in order to make your invoicing process easier. Our reporting features makes it easy to generate reports for each customer.


Our product gives you a simple way to configure customers and projects. Then, you get all the features you need to track efficiently the time you spend on each of your projects. Therefore, you'll be able to generate accurate reports for each of your customers.


TimeTracker.pro makes tracking time by project an easy task. Simply create projects (and phases) for each customer and track your time accordingly. You may also combine time categories to separate non-billable time and adjust your invoices. Moreover, you could use time categories to bill your projects or your employee's time at different rates.


Our solution is a great addition to help you manage your business. Easily track time spent between clients and reduce the effort needed to prepare invoices. You can also export timesheets to Excel and other data management tool, for further processing.

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